No Family Turn Up To Inquest Of Seven-Year-Old Boy Who ‘Froze To Death In Cold Weather’—After His Mother, 35, And 56-year-Old Great-Uncle Were Arrested For Neglect

Providr During the winter season, there is always an increased risk of tragedy. The roads are slippery and icy, and the temperature is below freezing. Because of this, it’s imperative that parents take proper precautions. Knowing where your children are at all times is the number one priority, especially during an extremely cold day. But [...]


Young Teen Outraged By The Racist Comments He Received After His Girlfriend’s Family Gave Him A Generous Gift

Chris Hunter and Madison Duke are an interracial couple who have been dating for nearly a year. After the couple posted a heartwarming video to their social media where Madison’s parents got Chris a beautiful Christmas gift, the happy couple were bombarded with racist comments online. Madison’s parents got Chris a brand new car for [...]

Survivors Reveal What It’s Really Like To Be In A Coma

There’s a lot that we still don’t understand about our brains. One of the biggest mysteries is why and how we experience “consciousness,” or the sense that we exist as a person. And some of the most useful insight into consciousness comes from people who have experienced near-death states or comas. Coma survivor stories give us [...]

28 Epic Christmas Design Fails That You Will Find Hard To Believe Actually Happened

reddit Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone is decorating for the holidays. We all want our spaces to look festive, but sometimes there’s just no escaping Christmas design fails. Bad Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, and even mall displays are everywhere. Once you see these failed Christmas decorations, you’ll understand why the holidays are [...]

This Is The Creator Of Bitcoin Set To Become The World’s First Trillionaire

Living in the modern digital world, it’s only fitting that the everyday things we have been using adapt accordingly. Money, for instance, is something that has generally stayed the same over the years in its physical form. We are now welcoming a new age of currency, and it’s set to take off. The cryptocurrency phenomenon [...]

Uber Driver Live Tweets Crazy Night With Girl Who Got Ghosted By Guy

Worawee Meepian / Most interactions with our Uber drivers don’t go beyond some simple conversation, but one woman’s chauffeur ended up showing her the night of her life. An unexpected friendship blossomed after a heartbroken Uber passenger revealed she’d been ghosted by a guy she had traveled miles away to see. Her driver did [...]