7 Ways To Train Your Brain To Be Happy

7 Ways To Train Your Brain To Be Happy

This article first appeared on Neil Pasricha is on a crusade, and his goal is to help people get happy.

Just One Step’s – 30 Day Walking Challenge

Just One Step’s – 30 Day Walking Challenge

Join the JOS 30 Day Walking Challenge! 30 Days to get out of the office and feeling healthier in 15-30 Minutes A Day!

Anorexic Woman Says Instagram Recovery Accounts Saved Her

Instagram / @emellegetswell Instagram has received a lot of criticism for the negative impact it has on young people’s mental health, but one woman is crediting the social media platform for helping her overcome a six-year battle with anorexia. 22-year-old Emelle Lewis spiraled into a dangerous eating disorder when she was only 15 years old. [...]


She Let Her Husband Pick Out Her Outfits For A Week

Roman Zakharchenko ; A woman recently let her husband pick her outfits out for a week. She did what? Yep! You heard that right! She let her husband pick her outfits out for a week. What a brave, brave woman. Actually what a SMART woman. Have you ever wondered what outfits your husband would [...]

NASA calls sudden press conference to make ‘major’ announcement over findings by AI telescope

Providr The world we live in is just a small part of a giant universe. There are many different things that we do not know about our universe. Mankind may seem large, but compared to what may be out there, we are small. So when NASA calls a sudden press conference, one can only hope [...]

6 Surprising Things That Men Actually Find Sexy

Humans and the rest of the animal kingdom are evolutionarily predetermined to want to pass on our genetic information. We, as animals, are essentially bred so that we can continue the family tradition of passing on our genes. While humans (dolphins and primates) are only a handful of animals that derive pleasure from sex, men [...]

Family Sends The Most Awkward Christmas Cards For 15 Years, And It’s Too Funny

Muffin Grayson It’s nice when your friends send you a family Christmas card. The matching sweaters are usually cute, but couldn’t they jazz up their Christmas card photo just a little bit? The Bergeron family certainly thought they could do better. For 15 years they’ve been sending the most hilarious Christmas cards to friends and [...]

The UK Is About To List This As A Hate Crime And Not Everyone Is Happy With It

With the recent outpouring of sexual assault and harassment claims, more and more people are willing to speak out about their abusers. And now, police officers in England are trying to deal with the cause of the issue rather than the symptoms. They hope to reduce the number of ‘street incidents’ so that it doesn’t [...]