Cows Leave The Barn After A Winter Inside – You Have Never Seen So Much Joy

via May 23, 2018 at 11:19PM


These 20 Brutally Honest Photos Of Moms To Show What Mother’s Day Really Looks Like

Facebook And now, to finally share with you all my origin story, the place where I was born. It all started in 1614, as the British started their totally welcome move into India. My father, or so I’ve been told, was a wealthy English trader and my mother was his cargo. Together they traveled to [...]

People Wearing Ripped Jeans In The Sun Have A Really Bad Time

Twitter Ah, the glorious summer. Gaze in awe as the grey lifelessness of winter slips away to be replaced by the vibrant gorgeousness of the fairer months. Yes, if they were humans, summer would be upbeat, vibrant sister that is way out of your league and winter would be the older, more serious and bossier [...]

Throwback: When The Avengers Cast Members Were Just Little Ones

Manny & Lo (Sony Pictures Classics) / Marvel Cinematic Universe Wikia Once upon a time, Scarlet Johansson was a child actress, Samuel L. Jackson was bullied and Jeremy Renner was broke. I don’t think any of those actors could have ever known what the future held for them. Some of Marvel’s cast members came from [...]

They Were Kidnapped While On Vacation In Mexico

Frank and Jennifer Massabki had traveled to Mexico in May 2017 looking for a potential location for their wedding. They had barely begun their journey when they were kidnapped, robbed, and beaten. Despite the terrifying circumstances, the couple managed to escape and make it out of the situation alive. Facebook/Frank Massabki The Miami couple’s excursion [...]

Japanese Artist Draws Hyperrealistic Paintings That Can Be Confused As Photographs

Instagram/mienokei Kei Mieno, a 33-year-old artist from Hiroshima, Japan creates incredible hyperrealistic oil paintings that have been showcased in multiple exhibitions in Japan as well as in art publications. Mieno has been painting professionally for over 10 years and graduated from Hiroshima City University’s Faculty of Arts Department of Fine Arts in 2007 with a [...]