25 Fascinating Illustrations Of A Married Couple’s Everyday Life

Yehuda Adi Devir and his wife, Maya have been together for nine years. They are both illustrators and graphic designers based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Devir has gained a massive social media following (2.5 million on Instagram to be exact) thanks to his relatable comics depicting everyday life with his wife.

Devir says his wittily titled comics in the series he called, “One of those days”, are based on true moments in everyday life with his wife. The good, the bad, the ugly and the hilarious. 

“My inspiration for these comics is simply our daily lives,” Devir told HuffPost. “Because of her, I make these illustrations ― she just gives me laughter and happiness for life.” Check out the everyday life of Devir and Maya as depicted through his incredible comics.

1. “Black Friday”: The most anticipated shopping day of the year is like a battlefield. Get on your war paint and suit up in armor because it gets messy. This is the type of shopping trip husbands and wives don’t need to drag each other to. If they both want that ridiculously discounted flat screen TV, they must battle together. 

2. “It’s Alive!”: I think most husbands can relate to this. You’ve got a giant puddle forming in the shower, and when you check to see what’s clogging the drain, you see it. A giant, tangled, wet clump of hair. Of course it’s the ladies who get it there, but it always seems to be handy husbands who get it out.

3. “Love Hurts”: Speaking of hair, no wonder it falls out in the shower all the time. Maybe if men stopped yanking out their wives’ tresses by rolling onto it, it wouldn’t clog the drain.

4. “Blood Test”: Husbands may be superheroes when it comes to unclogging drains, carrying groceries and killing spiders, but they all have their vices. For Devir, that vice seems to be getting poked and prodded at the doctor’s office. Thank goodness he can lean (or jump on) his wife for comfort.

5. “Nobody Is Perfect”: When you’re married to someone, over time you’ll notice a change in your own body as well as theirs. Here, Devir playfully lets it be known that his wife will never be alone in the mirror pinching at her body fat.

6. “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”: For couples not fortunate enough to have two bathrooms, this is an everyday occurrence. Husbands take their sweet time doing who knows what in the bathroom (usually watching videos on their phone) while wives stand ccross-leggedat the door.

7. “Her Magic Touch”: In a world full of chaos, there’s nothing better than snuggling up to someone you love. Women have that nurturing way about them and wives have that magic touch to put their hubbys into a peaceful slumber.

8. “Baby Face”: Nothing is stranger than seeing a man who always sports a beard go beardless. While it is odd, touching their freshly shaven skin is oddly satisfying. Smooth like a baby’s bottom.

9. “Series Killer”: This is the ultimate betrayal. When you start a series together, you should keep up with it together and finish it together. A spouse who decides to stab the other in the back by watching episodes alone is worse than a cheater!

10. “Hanging By A Thread”: I’m starting to get the feeling Maya’s hair is like another person in this couple’s relationship. Unfortunately, although they’re both long and stringy, hair does not blend in with spaghetti noodles. 

11. “The Sound Of Silence”: Crowded elevators are probably not the best place to go after eating Mexican food. The best part about husbands? Wives can always blame their toots on them.  

12. “Everything I Can Do She Can Do Better”: Devir and his wife are both artists, just with very different styles. Clearly, he has his own opinion on who’s the best. He told HuffPost, In my opinion [she’s] better than me, and I sometimes get her reviews about the illustrations I do.” How sweet.

13. “She’s Got My Back”: A man getting his back scratched is like a dog getting their belly rubbed. Actual back scratching tools are out of the question when you’re married, that’s what wives are for!

14. “My Other Half”: Everyone knows that women get first dibs at the umbrella. Their hair, makeup and outfit cannot be sacrificed. Luckily men usually don’t mind getting a little wet if they’re protecting their ladies.

15. “New Yearzzz Eve”: The days of partying it up on New Years Eve are over. Once you’re married, the only one you want to spend NYE with is your lover. Even if it involves falling asleep well before midnight and missing that New Year’s kiss.

16. “Mrs. Snuggles”: Nothing is cuter than a big, burly man cuddling his lady. If you’re a wife, you know this feeling. And if you’re a husband, you know how angelic your wife looks sleeping in your arms.

17. “Weight Lift”: Oh the dreaded grocery haul. It’s all fun and games until it’s time to carry everything home! Chivalrous men will always offer to lend their lady a hand even when they’re up to their eyeballs in grocery bags.

18. “Workaholic”: A good work ethic is nothing to be frowned upon. But, sometimes people need a little reminder that it’s okay to take a day off. It looks like Devir knows when his wife needs a sick day even when she doesn’t. I’m sure he nurses her back to health too.

19. “Typical Night Out”: “Five more minutes” in girl world realistically means another hour. Don’t forget that, guys. Give her more than enough time to get ready. And, when you see her in a towel claiming all she has left to do is put on shoes, just know that’s a lie.

20. “Old Man Yehuda”: That terrifying first grey. A lot of women get heart eyes at the thought of a distinguished man with salt and pepper hair. Men on the other hand fast forward their imagination to wrinkles, glasses and canes.

21. “CARaoke”: There’s nothing like a good jamming session to make the car ride go by. Couples might sound like the most out of tune duo there ever was, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

22. “A Walk In The Park”: While overly jealous spouses can be a huge turnoff, sometimes a little green-eyed monster is cute. Clearly, Devir gets attention when he wears bun-hugging shorts to the park, and Maya isn’t afraid to tell off gawkers.

23. “Happy Feet”: Cold feet, and not like the type before a wedding. If you’re naturally warm all the time, snuggling on the couch can instantly be disturbed by icicle toes. But, if you’re naturally cold all the time then you know your spouse’s body is fair game to warm your tootsies.

24. “Unhappy Ending”: Maybe couples’ massages are better left to the professionals. As cute as it is when a rookie tries out a shiatsu on their spouse, things can get painful, pretty quickly.

25. “She Bought Me A Present”: The best gifts are the ones with multiple uses. For example, when the hubby can use it and  the wife can use it. Or, the wife can just use it while the husband fights her for it. “What’s mine is ours,” right?

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