The Truth About Being Single Vs. Being Married

The single life and the taken life are worlds away from each other. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, engaged or married, you can relate to the life that once was, and the life you’re living now. Finding a partner in life is something most people strive for, but are we ever really prepared for the sacrifices?

What once was girls/guys nights out turned into nights on the couch watching romcoms. Birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day are sure to suck your bank account dry. And, trying not to let yourself go is a daily struggle. Kiss your social life and paycheck goodbye because those are the first to go!

All jokes aside, change is good. And, in all honesty, when you find someone who is the perfect match for you, the relationship you have with them should make you a better person. While some of the changes we go through in relationships can suck, most just come naturally and willingly when you fall in love.

We all know those people, and may even be guilty of it ourselves. You know, those people who get into a relationship and forget they have friends? The only time you ever see them is when they’re fighting with their partner. Then, once the fight’s over they crawl back into their relationship bubble.

Oh, the irony. Why is it when you’re single you can’t seem to catch anyone’s attention, yet when you’re taken you have to start swatting them off like flies? It’s likely that old mindset that people want what they can’t have.

When you’re single, you can be selfish with money. You can spend your paychecks on clothes for you, food for you, drinks for you and nights out for you. When you’re taken, money that was once spent on you now gets spent for two. Dinners for two, dates for two and don’t forget the extra money you’ll be spending on birthdays and holidays.

Things can get a little…untamed when you’re in a comfortable relationship. While you spend your single days constantly grooming in hopes of attracting a mate, those in long-term relationships are lucky if their partner bothers to shave.

Conversations become a lot deeper when you have a serious partner. What used to be your buddies calling to say, “Hey, let’s go out!” is now your wife calling to talk about her day and be indecisive over where to go for dinner.

Stress can manifest itself in a lot of different ways. As fulfilling as marriage can be, there’s no doubt it also comes with stress. After a while, packing on pounds or going bald is hard to avoid.

What’s mine is yours, right? Men and women alike have a terrible habit of always needing to go through their significant other’s phone. If you’ve got a snoopy partner, you’d better have one heck of a complicated password.

There’s no doubt we spend a lot more time on our appearance when we’re single. There’s no need for a face full of makeup or styled hair when you’re at home with your man. Take it from Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”, “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin‘ with no make-up on. That’s when you’re the prettiest.”

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