16 Things You’ll Understand If You Went To High School In A Small Town

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Ah, high school. What some think are the best years of their lives for others end up being the worst possible years. Whether you go to high school in a big city or a small town, high school ends up being an emotional roller coaster for everyone.

However, one might argue that going to high school in a small town is a little less hectic than the fast-paced nature of the big city. There’s also a bunch of other interesting things that pop up when you go to a small town high school. For starters, it’s usually the only possible option for miles, and more often than not it has a larger sense of community than anywhere else

That being said, you’ll probably agree with these 16 undeniable signs that you went to a small town high school:

1) You share the same teachers as your relatives: Sometimes you’ll get into your high school class only to realize your teacher somehow already knows you, and your sister, or even your mother if they’re old enough!

2) Teachers wear many hats: Your Gym teacher might also be the shop class teacher, the guidance counselor, and the head coach.

3) Working with your previous teachers: When you graduate teacher’s college and you get a job as a high school teacher, if you’re in a very small town you might actually be working with the very teachers that taught you! Talk about the twilight zone!

4) The textbooks haven’t changed: Some small-town high schools are using the same textbooks for the past three decades. Ever get one of those books that are on the verge of disintegration?

5) Word gets around quickly: When something significant happens at the high school, nearly everyone in town hears about it. It’s a small town after all!

6) The entire town shuts down for home games: Any small town with a high school sports team celebrates home games by everybody going. It’s also usually the only thing to do!

7) You’ve had the same classmates for years: Often the people you went to grade school or middle school with, are also the people you end up going to high school with! This will either result in some great long lasting friendships or some enemies that you have a lot of dirt on!

8) The grade school is the high school: In extremely rural areas, some buildings double as both the grade school and the high school. You might also only have five other classmates!

9) You see your teachers outside of work: Sometimes when you get old enough, you discover that your teachers drink at the same dive bar in town that you now drink at! Nothing like getting drunk with your old English teacher!

10) You’ll have the same locker as your relatives: Sometimes if a high school has been around long enough, you might even wind up with the same locker as your dad. It might even still have some of his rock and roll stickers.

11) Your high school is also the community center: Often with rural areas, the high school doubles as a community center on evenings and weekends. After all, it’s the only large government building in town!

12) Your high school is also a designated storm shelter: Chances are, if you’re living in a remote area, your high school is also the only fallout or storm shelter for miles where families can go to in cases of extreme emergencies.

13) Everybody knows everybody: In a small town, if you attend high school and make a pit stop at the convenience store, the owner might say something like “oh yeah, you’re so-and-so’s kid!” It’s a small town after all!

14) Your share the same bus with most of your classmates: If you’re living in a very small town, you probably ride the same bus to school with all of your classmates.

15) You can’t imagine your community without it: Often in small towns, the high school really is the center focus of everything. Your community just wouldn’t be the same without it.

16) Everyone in the community is like family: With very small towns, people in your community will often treat you like you’re a part of the family. Everyone goes to the same school, everyone is part of the same thing. It really is the cornerstone of any good small community. It’s what makes living in a small town so special.

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