These 16 ‘How I Got Dumped’ Tweets Will Make You Happy To Be Single

It’s hard enough getting dumped, let alone sharing your embarrassing story with the rest of the world. But leave it to Jimmy Fallon to make sharing one of your most embarrassing stories seem appealing.

The Tonight Show host encouraged fans to share their worst relationship stories under the hashtag ‘How I Got Dumped’ on Twitter.

Jimmy Fallon kicked off the hashtag by sharing one of his own…

1. Ouch. There’s nothing worse than asking your Valentine what your plans are and finding out not only do they have other plans but that the two of you aren’t even dating!


2. You have to appreciate a mom who’s looking out for her son, even if she probably didn’t go about it in the best way. If you’re going to make a fake phone call to your son, at least do it when one of you is out of the house!


3. Some of these are brutal! I can’t think of a worse way to get dumped than through a Facebook status change.


4. If you’re going to break up with a girl, at least have the decency to give her a ride home.


5. This one is just cruel. Sending someone a song with the word ‘breakup’ in the title and telling them to take a hint?! Have some compassion.


6. Can you imagine your parents’ old ghosts being the reason your current relationship ends? I think it’s time this Twitter user’s ex-boyfriend’s mom lets that high school break up go.


7. If this girl dumped her boyfriend because his flight was delayed then they probably had a turbulent (ha, ha) relationship to begin with.


8. This Twitter user should probably clear up that break up from four years ago.


9. Breaking up with someone in a stadium full of people is bad enough. Throw in a kiss cam rejection and you’ve pretty much cemented yourself as the worst breakup she’ll ever have.


10. When you find out your boyfriend is a Twilight fan and is completely dedicated to becoming the next Edward Cullen…


11. One Twitter user responded to Jimmy Fallon’s ‘How I Got Dumped’ by sharing the time his girlfriend broke up with him by locking him out of the house – but not before she made him take out the trash! Now that’s a garbage move.


12. Getting dumped at Whole Foods and the guy does it by making a grocery joke? Yup, that’s bad.


13. This is a surefire way to make sure your ex will never want to play Hangman again. Is there such a thing as Hangman PTSD?


14. At least have the decency not to ask the person you’re blocking on Whatsapp how to block someone on Whatsapp. Common courtesy people.


15. This is as bad as it gets. Either this guy is so clueless he didn’t know his own girlfriend (apparently one of many) worked at Chili’s before taking out his Valentine’s Day date, or he wins the award for Most Cowardly Way To Break Up With Someone.

'How I Got Dumped'Twitter

16. You can’t control your actions in someone else’s dreams! That’s just not right.

Jimmy FallonTwitter

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