Oh, Baby! Michigan Couple With 13 Sons Is Expecting Again

Families come in all shapes and sizes. From one country to the next, you’ll find that families and their households certainly vary. For an American couple, their family keeps growing, and doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon, as they await the arrival of their 14th child.

Residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jay and Kateri Schwandt, both aged 43, began their family together during their time in college. Ranging from the ages of 2 to 25, the couple has only sons, and are eagerly awaiting the gender reveal of their next child. Ever since they announced that they are expecting their 14th child in late spring, they have been contacted endlessly.

Despite family and friends wanting to find out if it’s finally a girl this time, in an interview with TODAY, the mother, Kateri, admitted: “For us, it is about the baby, about the miracle of life. It’s not about having a girl.” For the father, he too revealed that he simply misses having a baby around, and when asked if they’re trying for a girl, he joked: “We could be trying forever!”

Having been married right out of high school, the couple started building their family while attending college and continued even as Jay pursued law school, and Kateri earned her Master’s degree in psychology. The couple had already welcomed their first six children into the world by the time they began their professional careers. Even with a full plate, they continued growing their family, with Jay admitting it “was never a burden”.

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The couple revealed to TODAY that they always knew that they wanted a big family, “but we imagined that would mean 6 or 7 kids.” Doubling that projection, the couple stated that their faith played a big role in how their family took shape. The father admits they never felt “maxed out”, and that if they felt they wouldn’t be able to provide attention or financial means for any of them, they wouldn’t have continued.

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When it comes to having a big family, the two agree that time management and patience makes it work. With a good routine in place and the help of their older sons, the household runs much smoother, with all hands on deck.

Regardless of the gender, the Schwandt family is undoubtedly thrilled to meet the newest member of the family, admitting that they “want to enjoy every minute and pay attention to the little things.”

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