Ingenius Lifehack: How To Open A Tough Jar

Have you ever tried to open a jar and spent literally minutes trying to open it? Sometimes jars can be super pesky to open, leaving you questioning the meaning of your life and the deteriorating state of your body as the jar seems to tantalize you with every grunt and attempted turn of the lid. 

There are lots of ways to open jars if you seem to be struggling. You can wrap the lid in a dish towel or even a rubber glove if you’re feeling fancy, break the vacuum seal on the jar if it’s new, run hot water on the lid, or even tap the lid with a spoon.


But do these methods even work? If they don’t work for you, check out this bearded fellow’s foolproof and ridiculously easy trick to opening a jar. It almost seems too easy…but it works.

“People ask me all the time, ‘how do you open cans’. The secret is, when you use your right hand, you’re trying to push against the opposite of the way that the bottle wants to go because your hand isn’t designed to twist this way, but when you use your left hand it just comes right off,” he explains in the video.

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