Victims’ Dad Charges Larry Nassar In Courtroom: ‘I Want That Son Of A Bitch’

During a court hearing on Friday for former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, a father charged Nassar in an attempt to physically assault him. Randall Margraves, who is the father of Lauren and Madison Margraves, ran at Nassar to attack him but was taken down by officers of the court.

Before the distraught father charged Nassar, Madison and Lauren read their impact statements, as over 200 women had done before them during the sentencing hearing. Randall Margraves’ third daughter had read her statement on a previous day. After his daughters said what they had to say, Margraves made a request to Judge Janice Cunningham.

“I would ask you as part of the sentencing to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon,” Margraves said. Judge Cunningham replied that Margraves knew she could not let him do that. “Would you give me one minute?” Margraves replied. There was some uncomfortable laughter in the courtroom as Judge Cunningham replied: “That’s not how our legal system works.”

Margraves simply replied, “Well, I’m going to have to.” The father charged Nassar immediately, breaking into a sprint toward the disgraced doctor. Nassar’s attorney leaped up to protect his client, as security officers pounced to stop Margraves before he attacked Larry Nassar. Prosecutor Angela Povilaitis did her best to calm everyone down.

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