If You See A Child With A Tiny Heart Drawn On Their Wrist, This Is What It Means

School is something that every child and young adult has to endure. While some embrace the educational journey, others are not so keen to be confined to a classroom on a regular basis. For writer Liz Petrone, who is also a mother of four, she recently wrote on her Facebook page about how her youngest child was struggling with anxiety about school.

The mother from New York wrote on her Facebook page: ‘the anxiety has been strong with the littlest lately. I don’t know why.’ Liz then spoke of the time she watched the school bus pull away as her youngest son burst into tears by his seat in the window.

She wrote: ‘I watched him start to cry through the bus window as they pulled away the other morning, his face changing at first imperceptible like the seasons and then crumpling into a big rush of sloppy tears, and the bus was mostly gone before I could do anything. And yet still I tried, standing out in the middle of the road with my hands reaching towards him even as the big yellow box rounded the corner and drifted from sight.’

So the next morning Liz decided to wait for the school bus with her son. She said that while they were there she took out a pen, and ‘kissed the blue of his veins where the blood we share flows through his veins and drew this heart.’ As the bus pulled up to take her son to school Liz reminded him that he should look at the little blue heart on his wrist every time it got tough out there.


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