18 Things That Are Honestly Pretty Damn Genius

While most of us are living in plain old 2018, others are living years in the future. We’ve compiled 18 genius hacks from around the internet so that you, too can live in the year 3018!

“Arguing over your baby’s first word should be “mama” or “papa”? Teach him/her to say “mother*****r”! It’s basically both at the same time!” (naj690)

“Embarrassing memory that you can’t stop thinking about? Do something even more embarrassing and you won’t think about the first one anymore!” (Kastor012)

A quick, easy way to cover your toaster grill with congealed cheese!

It says a lot that the worst decision this person is making is still the decision to eat Reese’s Puffs.

Because nothing is less suspicious than wandering into the concert carrying a full loaf of bread!

Want to get in on the whole “Tide Pod” craze but not a fan of how long the pods take to kill you? Inject Tide directly into your veins today for a convenient, easy way to speed up the process! (DISCLAIMER: All health articles on Providr.com should not be interpreted as medical advice on how to die. You should consult a healthcare professional on any matters regarding euthanasia.)

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