American Actor Jonah Hill Shows Off Body Transformation; Credits Weight Loss to Nutritionist’s Guidance


Jonah Hill first grabbed the attention of Hollywood in 2007 with the hit film Superbad. He was a young man back then and was quite overweight. Since then, his weight has fluctuated and the public has noticed.

Jonah Hill has recently shocked the public with his most dramatic weight change so far. He’s now 33-years-old and credits his nutritionist and daily push-up goal for his success.

In 2011, Hill did an interview with ABC News. He explained that he was seeing a nutritionist so he could manage his weight. Hill mentioned that his nutritionist had him write down a list of his favorite foods. The list looked like it was done by a child.

You’re probably wondering what changed for him. Hill says that he never ate vegetables, but informed ABC News that he now eats Japanese foods and cooked vegetables.

Jonah Hill kurhan/

In a separate radio interview, Jonah Hill also said that his peers had a big influence. His friends were in college, so all they did was eat pizza and drink beer.

Jonah HillProvidr

Hill’s new fitness habits include physically running instead of running emotionally. When someone runs emotionally, they tend to hold back and quit if it gets tough.

Jonah Hill ostill/

The other part of his new regimen is his push-up goal. A friend of his said if he did 100 push-ups he would get in shape. Hill started with 10 and now does 100 every day.

Jonah Hill Rocksweeper/

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