20 Photos Proving Our Grandparents Were Cooler Than Us

Sometimes we might think that our grandparents are kind of lame. They don’t understand what’s cool nowadays. Well, if these cool grandparent photos prove anything, it’s that our grandparents knew what ‘cool’ was before any of us.

These vintage cool pictures show that grandparents were young once too, and they liked to do everything we like to do. They partied, they got into trouble, and they dolled themselves up to go out.

We could all learn a thing or two from an awesome grandpa or an amazing grandma, especially the kind of timeless style and coolness exuded in these 20 cool grandparent photos.

1. Our grandparents used to party too, believe it or not. Sometimes they even dressed up to go to costume parties (and they looked pretty good, too).

2. Sometimes grandparents did things that were so incredibly brave that we can’t even comprehend them, like having their plane shot down over the ocean during a war.

3. Grandparents could make anything seem cool. This photo of someone’s grandfather in law school is so stylish, and all he’s doing is talking on the phone and reading the paper.

4. Women weren’t allowed to fly in the Air Force, so this person’s amazing grandma taught men how to fly on her own time instead during World War II.

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