YouTube Finally Hands Logan Paul Severe Punishment

After Logan Paul posted a video on his YouTube channel showing the body of a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, there was a considerable backlash against Paul. People called for his channel to be taken down entirely. At the very least, they wanted to be sure that YouTube punishes Logan Paul.

Now, the Logan Paul outrage has resulted in consequences for the popular vlogger. YouTube punished Logan Paul by removing him from their Google Preferred Ads Program. This would put a considerable dent in the money earned from Paul’s channel, however, he will still be able to monetize his content. He also earns money from merchandise and sponsored social media posts.

In addition to his removal from the Preferred Ads Program, YouTube punished Logan Paul further by canceling projects it had in the works with him. Paul was originally producing a film for YouTube Red, the site’s premium streaming service. That film has now been scrapped. Paul will also no longer be featured in the Youtube Red series Foursome.

In addition to having deals and projects with YouTube Red canceled, Logan Paul also lost a lucrative development deal with Blackpills, a French Digital Media Company. The company released a statement saying “Logan Paul’s previously announced project with Blackpills is no longer in development and Blackpills will not be pursuing it at any time in the future.”

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