James Franco Blocked Tommy Wiseau From The Mic—Here’s What He Was Going To Say

Many of us tuned into this past Sunday’s Golden Globes. It was a pretty big night for Hollywood, with all the celebs coming together to celebrate. We learned a lot of things that night, and one thing that we for sure learned is to never….ever…come in between James Franco and the Mic. Ever. Seriously. Franco had won lead actor Golden Globe for playing in “The Disaster Artist”, a film he also produced and directed.

If you haven’t heard of the film, it’s about the making of “The Room,” which is a fairly low-budget film that was directed by and starred Tommy Wiseau. It came out in 2004 and since then has been known as one of the, if not THE, worst films ever made. But people love it because it’s so bad, that it’s good…if that makes any sense. So Franco made a film about how it came to life. Franco plays Wiseau in the film.

As soon as it was announced that Franco won the award for lead actor, he made it a point to bring up some of the important people who played a huge role in the film. His brother, Dave Franco, who also starred in the film was brought up to the stage. James also made it a huge point to bring up the man who really made the entire story of this film possible…Tommy Wiseau. I mean, he was his fellow writer/director of the film right?

But anyone who has seen Tommy knows that this guy is a character on his own. So when they all finally got on stage, Tommy was walking over towards the mic, wanting to say a few words, but Franco fully made it a point to avoid this. He wasn’t shy about it either. If you watch the video at the end of the next page, you’ll laugh.

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