Husband of Bride Who Died of Breast Cancer 18 Hours After Hospital Wedding Speaks Out


Planning a wedding can cause a lot of physical and emotional stress. Making sure every little detail is properly met can drive a couple crazy. But it’s an important day; for most couples, it’s the start of a lifetime of happiness and love. But there is one couple that knew what was supposed to be the beginning was actually going to be the end. The tragic story of a bride who died hours after she got married went viral. Now, the husband of the bride has finally broken his silence.

When you say the words “I do,” it means that you are giving yourself to your partner forever. The words “until death do us part” means that you will never leave your partner’s side until he/she passes away. It’s a big commitment which some people wait their entire lives to have. Heather Mosher knew that she didn’t have much time left in her life, but didn’t want to leave this world without committing to the love of her life.

Continue reading to hear the tragic story about Heather Mosher and what the husband of the bride had to say.

Heather and David Mosher, who are both from East Windsor, Connecticut, were supposed to get married and start the next step in their relationship together. Unfortunately, Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. The same day that Heather was diagnosed was when David was going to propose. He thought of holding off on the proposal, but he wanted Heather to know that she wouldn’t be going through this alone. So he proposed to her.

husband of the brideChristina Lee

The couple scheduled to have their wedding on December 30th, 2017. But when the date was approaching, the doctors suggested that the couple move up their wedding date. They didn’t believe that Heather would make it to that date.

So David and Heather got married on December 22nd, 2017, at the St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Heather was hooked up to a ventilator so she wasn’t able to move anywhere. To make the day special for her, her friends and family helped her get into her wedding dress. About 18 hours after the ceremony, Heather died. But the last words she said were the vows to her husband David.

The husband of the bride, David Mosher, has finally broken his silence and spoke to PEOPLE about the heartbreaking story. David told PEOPLE that it was the hardest day of his life. He says that the ceremony didn’t feel like a wedding, but more like a funeral. His reason was that after the ceremony, he knew that he would never see the love of his life ever again.

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