8 Short Stories About True Love

Love is something truly complex that cannot be precisely defined or described. It is a special feeling shared between two people, a feeling that is evident, however, a feeling that is difficult to grasp and completely explain. Love can be felt and shown in many different ways; towards friends, family, or an individual that you’ve developed a genuine affection and connection with. Regardless, it is a sensitive matter, and one of the more intricate feelings that humans experience.

When it comes to relationships, the true love that you share is distinctly your own, and cannot be measured or compared to that of anyone else’s. Each relationship is unique, and shouldn’t be held to a standard or norm. Each couple and individual expresses themselves in their own way, ways that bind the two together, and help shape the love that you share.

We hear a lot of stories about love, some that can be worrisome, and some that restore our faith and hope in humanity. There have been many couples that have come and gone, but the ones who last, are the ones who have gone above and beyond to secure their bond and relationship. We see evidence of this from our parents, our friends, and couples all around us, who have made it last and conquered any obstacles that came their way. Today, we take a look at 8 short stories and examples that are sure to leave you optimistic and confident about the potential or current love of your own.

1. In our first story, we take a look at two individuals who met online, like a lot of modern-day couples have. The girl described the man as “funny, kind, and educated”, and “also very handsome”. They used Skype to keep in touch for several years, before coming to an understanding that they love each other. The man was afraid to meet, however, the woman insisted on it, and traveled thousands of miles abroad so they could finally see each other. Upon arrival, she had realized that this man was disabled, and couldn’t walk. This didn’t change anything for her, and they went on to spend 3 months together, before ultimately getting engaged. “He is the best and he is perfect for me – my professor X!” This is an example of unconditional love, a love that wasn’t changed in any way based on distance or appearance. True love.

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2. This story involves a couple who, after the birth of their son, had to overcome an issue that the wife had started experiencing. Her vision was deteriorating, and although she had already been wearing glasses regularly, it started to get much worse. Her husband couldn’t stand to see her suffer, and took on a second job as well as additional online work, to save up enough money for corrective eye surgery. Sacrificing his time with his family, and his sleep, he finally made enough to cover the costs. After the procedure was successfully done, she returned home amazed at how clear her vision was again. Although it was a tough year to endure for the husband, this was all worth it for him, as he now has “a healthy son and a happy wife. They are the most important people in my life.” This is an example of sacrifice for your family and your loved one, taking care of their well-being, and ensuring they are happy.

3. This is a story about an older sibling who had gotten married, and an example of love that they witnessed. The husband of the sister was known to be a picky eater, and hard to please when it came to food. He would openly criticize her cooking, much like her ex-boyfriend would. Despite this, whenever she had prepared chicken liver, he always ate it with no complaints, claiming “he’d never tasted anything better”. To her surprise, it was revealed that he was, in fact, allergic to chicken liver, but he loved her that much, and never wanted to disappoint her. A true sign of sacrifice for the one you love, despite any factors.

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4. In this example of true love, it is told by someone who witnessed an elder woman and how one should be treated and loved. Upon helping her carry her shopping bags up a staircase in an underpass, the woman kindly thanked them and asked to be walked home. She had said she was in a rush, as her husband always waits outside to meet her when she returns. Upon arrival, a blind man was noticed walking with a cane outside of the elder woman’s house. This was her husband, and he approached them and took the heavy bags. That reminded the individual who helped her, of the many times that they were too lazy to go and meet their own girlfriend when she returned from the supermarket or train station. This is a wonderful example of how to stay dedicated and help out the one you love throughout your years together.

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