Woman Shopping At Disney Store Furious Over Shirt For Young Girls

Emma Palmer is a 36 year old interior designer from London and she recently shared an image of a slogan she found on a tee shirt in a Disney Store at the Westfield London shopping center. The children’s t-shirt had a slogan that read ‘shoes speak louder than words,’ with a bright, glittery high heel on the front.

Emma, who is a mother to a 6-year-old daughter as well as a three-year-old son, said the message on the shirt was ‘archaic.’

Now, other people are calling for Disney to get rid of the apparel.

Emma went on Facebook to post her comment. ‘I saw this embarrassment of a T-shirt at the Disney store in Westfield yesterday, aimed at young girls, this is just everything that is wrong with messaging to girls in a nutshell..It’s 2018 .. Surely it is widely recognized that the content of your mind and words you speak are WAAAAAY more important than your f*****g shoes! *Facepalm*’


During an interview with BuzzFeed News, Emma said: ‘the messages you give to a girl should be about what they’re thinking, their intelligence, and what they have to say – not what they look like.’


She continued: ‘I understand it is fun to dress up, to wear makeup, and to have nice things – but the point is at no point do I chose that as a substitute for a brain, or for what I have to say.’


While Emma has many supporters behind her in the push to get rid of the tee shirt, there are others who are defending the shirt by saying it is supposed to be funny and cute and not meant to take away a woman’s voice.


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