Artist Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife In Comics

Being married is made up of big and small moments. There are birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and all the other significant events in life, but there are also little things that many of us might not pay attention to. Artist Yehuda Devir perfectly captures those moments when he illustrates everyday life with his wife Maya Devir.

In his illustrations about his wife, artist Yehuda Devir depicts the good times and bad times, the big moments and the small moments, the normal and the crazy. Yehuda and Maya obviously love each other a lot, and even when one does something that annoys the other, it’s clear that these two wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

These heartwarming, funny, and sometimes bittersweet illustrations are a great reminder that relationships are never picture perfect. There are hard times and struggles, but the key is always getting through them together. On the other side of those hard times are the good ones, the fun ones, and the romantic ones.

Artist Yehuda Devir knows he isn’t perfect, and obviously his wife Maya Devir doesn’t think she is either. However, the great thing about being married is that you’re perfect to each other.

There’s a lot of truth in Devir’s illustrations about his wife. Sometimes living with a woman means there’s going to be a lot of hair around the house.

When you first start dating someone, being clean and presentable is the number one priority. Once you’ve been together long enough though, it’s okay to be too tired to be clean.

Yehuda Davir’s work perfectly illustrates everyday life because it shows the things people are willing to do for love; things like getting soaked so one of you can use the umbrella.

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