18 People Who Were More Wrong Than You’ve Ever Been

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but some mistakes are bigger than others. A recent Reddit thread asked readers for the dumbest thing they’d ever heard anyone say and, boy, were there some doozies! We collected the 18 most egregious examples of times that people were very wrong.

1. “In a high school history class discussing 2001 riots, the teacher mentions they used horses to break up the crowds. A girl in the back then says, “Ohh, duh, because they didn’t have cars then.” She was alive in 2001… for quite a few years.” (Ocula)

2. “What if a woman has twins in her womb of different genders, and they have sex, and the baby girl gets pregnant? What if this creates a Russian doll type scenario?”
Answer: Because of puberty.
Another gem by the same guy: “Why can’t we just cut off chunks of meat from animals, let the meat grow back, then cut the chunks off again.” According to him, this would be “infinite food.”
Answer: This kills the animal.” (NebulaNinja)

3. ‘”Why is Alaska cold and Hawaii hot if they’re both next to each other?” – girl I was in the military with.
Some US maps have Alaska in its own frame next to Hawaii to save space, so she believed Alaska was its own frozen island literally next to Hawaii.
If I remember correctly, she also believed lions were the males and tigers the females of one species.” (gnrowland)

4. “Me (reading): “An adult giraffe generally does not vocalize and is thus one of the quietest large mammals.”
Roommate (a biology major): Wait, giraffes aren’t mammals.
Me: … Of course they are. What do you think they are?
Roommate: I thought it was like a horse?
Me: Horses … dude, seriously? Horses are mammals. Name some mammals.
Roommate: Dolphins? Humans. Whales. Platypuses. Bats.
Me: So you only know the trick mammals, I guess.” (RudeMorgue)

5. “While trying to help someone with their geography, I pointed at a map and asked her to identify the place I was pointing at. She said “Texas”… I was pointing at India. She later said that Africa was South America. She was 26 at the time.” (CellarDoor_86)

Emily Pollock

6. “I was standing down on the docks in Florida watching the sunset when some man came up to a cruise captain and asked, “How many sunset cruises do you do a day?” The Captain just stared at him.” (Chillaxbro)

Emily Pollock

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