Father of 2 Claims His Stage 4 Cancer Went into Remission After Switching to a Strict Animal-Free Diet


Colorectal cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the colon or the rectum. If you’re unfamiliar with the term malignant, it means that the cancerous tumor can spread or grow. The colon absorbs water and nutrients and passes the waste to the rectum. The reason why the colon and the rectum are grouped together as colorectal cancer is because both are made of the same tissue.

Now imagine you’re a father of two beautiful children and married the woman of your dreams. Sounds like the perfect life right? Now imagine that you were given two weeks to live. There are only two ways someone who is given that news can respond.

I want you to continue reading because today I am going to share with you one of the ways to respond to news like that.

The story begins with 43-year-old Rob Mooberry. In July 2012, Mooberry was admitted to the hospital because he had a perforated colon. But once doctors did further tests and scans, it revealed that he had stage 4 cancer. This means that the cancer had spread to his liver, lymph nodes, and bowels.

The news shocked Mooberry because there was no family history of cancer. Doctors believed that the cancer was doing harmful damage to him for two years. But Mooberry explains that he was experiencing symptoms a year before he was diagnosed. The symptoms included blood in his stool, bloating and changes in his bowel movements.

But it was when Mooberry realized that nothing could pass by his colon that he needed to go to the ER. When he went to the ER, that’s when doctors gave Mooberry the news that he had cancer and it had spread. The doctors explained to Mooberry that the road he had ahead of him was going to be rough. They outlined his treatment which would include a colostomy bag, which would be followed by radiation therapy, ileostomy, and chemotherapy.

colorectal cancer palawat744/shutterstock.com

Mooberry had no health insurance, but he trusted his medical team and decided to go through with all the surgeries and necessary treatments. The result was that Mooberry’s cancer was downgraded to stage 3A. But Mooberry knew that his body couldn’t handle any more treatments, so he decided to try a different alternative.

colorectal cancer CIPhotos/shutterstock.com

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