Three Adorable Siblings At Risk Of Being Split Up If They Don’t Find Their ‘Forever Home’

Three siblings, six-year-old Bryan, four-year-old Rachel, and baby Shaun are in immediately desperate need of finding their forever home. These three siblings seeking an adoptive home had their story shared as part of National Adoption Week in 2017, and they are still seeking a forever home. 

finding a forever homeDailyMail

The siblings are currently being held under foster care by their incredibly generous and patient foster care leaders Michelle and her husband Gary who have spent months nurturing the children and rehabilitating them to help build up their confidence after an unstable previous home experience.

It’s an unfortunate fact that many adoptions fall through in a process known as adoption disruption. There’s a short window period where the adoptive parents can change their mind, or the birth parent could change their mind. In the case of Bryan, Rachel and Baby Shaun, it’s far harder to adopt all 3 children because many adoptive parents are not looking for a multiple child commitment.

Bryan, Rachel, and Shaun are all very attached at the hip, and it’s hard to think that the three of them could be broken up if they cannot find a home for all three of them to live together. Fortunately, social media allows the outreach of adoption agencies to extend beyond their normal parameters.

finding a forever homeDailyMail

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