Should Logan Paul Be Banned From YouTube After ‘Suicide Forest’ Video?

Logan Paul was a former Viner who jumped to YouTube after the defunct app closed its services. He was regularly regarded as one of the more popular ‘vloggers’ on YouTube with more than 15 million subscribers. But the 22-year-old viral star caused pandemonium after uploading footage of a dead body onto his YouTube channel.

This rightfully enraged many fans, non-fans and celebrities and people are calling for his termination from YouTube.

Logan was vacationing in Japan when he shared a video of his visit to what is commonly known as the ‘suicide forest.’

Aokigahara is an 11.5 square mile forest that resides on the slopes of Mt. Fuji. The national park is called the ‘suicide forest’ because ‘people can easily get lost there, and know they won’t be found for a long time.’

logan-paul-banned-youtube-suicide-forest-videoDaily Dot

It has been reported that more than 100 bodies are found inside the forest every year.


Logan started off his vlog in his usual upbeat and cheerful way but was seen wearing a Toy Story alien hat when he entered the forest. Despite showing the dead body, it might have been him and his friend’s reactions that garnered so much hate online.


As the group of friends discovered the dead body, they can be seen laughing and smiling in the background. Furthermore, the group seemed to be more interested in creating content for their channels as opposed to notifying the authorities.


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