Mom Takes Upset Autistic Son To TGI Fridays, After Meal She Sees the Receipt

Autism has been in the news a lot recently and it’s not a coincidence. According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, a 2016 report indicates that autism has become almost twice as prevalent as it was in 2004. The complex developmental disability is categorized as a “spectrum disorder”. That’s because there is no one known cause and it impacts people differently.

One autistic boy in particular named Oscar has received wide-spread love. His mother, an English woman named Jen Goodland-Wyatt, knows all too well the implications of the disorder as her son, Oscar, suffers from autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In addition to the disorder, he also struggles with heart problems which make ongoing cardiological care necessary. Unfortunately, the combination of these two issues sometimes impose restrictions on Oscar, limiting his physical activity.

Goodhand-Wyatt took her son to eat at a local TGI Fridays in Binley Woods after a disappointing hospital visit where Oscar’s cardiologist informed his mother that he wouldn’t be able to participate in Karate due to his heart condition. After choosing a Star Wars themed table, Goodhand-Wyatt explained to restaurant staff that Oscar considers himself a “Star Wars-loving superhero.”

This is what made his cardiologist’s decision so upsetting – not being able to practice Karate was taking away part of the identity that he formed that provided him with a source of confidence. After hearing Oscar’s story, the waitress leaned in to deliver his menu and said to him, “I understand you’re a superhero – here’s your menu.”

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