Aaron Paul Blasts Logan Paul ‘Go Rot In Hell’

YouTuber Logan Paul is receiving a slew of backlash after posting graphic footage of a deceased body he found in Japan to his YouTube channel. Among the celebrities condemning the social media influencer are Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, Piers Morgan, and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. Many are calling the video “misguided,” “irresponsible,” “disgusting,” and even “pure trash.”

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Twitter is in an uproar following the YouTube video which was uploaded by Logan Paul, a YouTube influencer who has more than 15 million subscribers. The YouTuber is facing global criticism for uploading a video that featured the body of a Japanese man who appeared to have recently committed suicide. The video appeared to show a person who had recently hanged himself in a Japanese forest known as the scene of many attempted suicides. The Logan Paul video was uploaded on December 31st and removed from YouTube not long after following overwhelming backlash. In the video, Logan Paul and his friends tour Japan’s Aokigahara forest, nicknamed the “Suicide Forest,” when the group encounters a man hanging after committing suicide. The 22-year-old YouTuber exclaims, “Are you joking?” before reiterating to the camera that they are looking at a dead body.

After receiving over 6 million views, Logan Paul took down the video following a flood of criticism over what many are calling disturbing and disrespectful content. Although YouTuber Logan Paul wrote an apology (which he posted to his Twitter), asking people to be understanding of the demands of his career. The YouTuber explains in the open apology that it’s his mission to bring “real” and “edgy” content that caused him to lose sight of the ramifications of uploading such a video. But many were reluctant to show the Vlogger any sympathy. In the note, Logan Paul denies accusations that the controversial content was for views, saying “I get views.” YouTuber Logan Paul went on to say that the video was to raise awareness for suicide prevention, as the video contained minute-long statements about the dangers of depression, telling people they are not alone and they are loved. Aside from the Twitter apology (which wasn’t well-received), many people were particularly offended over the way in which Logan Paul, along with three of his friends, reacted to the discovery of the dead man’s body.

Many people were furious that the social media influencer chose to film the dead body instead of turning the camera off while proceeding to use the footage of the man on his channel. Many people felt YouTuber Logan Paul was disrespectful towards the body, noting that he zoomed into the body several times, providing close-ups of the man’s hands as well as the pockets of the victim to point out he still had his wallet with him and only blurring out the man’s face. Following the footage of the body, Logan Paul and his friends then turned the camera on themselves to talk about their reaction, at one point laughing when discussing what they’d discovered. Although some are arguing that everyone’s reaction to discovering something so horrific would be unpredictable and shouldn’t be scrutinized, many are still arguing that the YouTuber made a conscious effort to film, edit and upload the footage to his channel. People were particularly disturbed by his decision to put an image of the deceased body in the thumbnail of the video (some say to draw viewers). Backlash is also being directed towards Youtube, as many noted that it was Logan Paul himself who took down the video. The video also didn’t offer a warning of graphic content or contain an age restriction, having many parents up in arms as many “Logang” fans are of a younger viewership.


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