8 Curious Facts About Ancient Women in History That Teachers Don’t Mention


Women have taken a huge leap in regards to equal rights over the centuries. They have constantly fought to make a difference for women across the world, but have now become a staple of society. But we only know a small portion of their daily lives. What about the ancient times? Those are historic times, especially for women. But teachers are not teaching about the history of ancient women.

Whether it’s because they’re uneducated, or because they’re instructed to avoid it, it should never be neglected. Men and women should know that things were not always a struggle for women in the early years. Their hobbies, their rights, and limitations were all different. When people think about the history of ancient women, they automatically think it was a struggle.

Since teachers won’t give you this information, I’ve decided that I will. Below are the most interesting facts about the history of ancient women.

Ancient Women Had Equal Rights to the Throne: In Egypt, the government was actually more democratic than most ancient kingdoms. What made it more democratic is that any child, regardless of the gender, had equal rights to inherit the throne. As long as they were the child of the ruler, they had a shot at ruling! Men and women had close to equal rights at that time.

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The Right to Divorce: In Ancient Greece, women were not considered citizens and their rights were extremely limited. But what they did have was the right to divorce. All the woman needed to do was have another male representative make the deal on her behalf. But what if the man wanted a divorce? All he had to do was throw her out the door.

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Women Could Have High Religious Positions: In ancient Egyptian times, it was very common for women to hold high religious positions. In this day and age, you only see women as nuns. But in Egypt, they had the opportunity to hold the position “God’s Wife Amun.” The most important duty that God’s Wife Amun had was to assist the high priest. They would also be responsible for attending to God’s statue.

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Ancient Women Were Highly Educated: The education that women possessed in Ancient Rome was very controversial. Women were generally taught very basic writing and reading skills. But some families did not agree with those teachings. So they would hire private tutors to give their daughters a higher education. The main reason for this is it would make their daughter a better option for husbands because of her intellect.

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