Woman Orders $600 Meal For 1 At One Of America’s Most Expensive Restaurants And Here’s What She Gets

Imgur user Hoptail has allowed the internet to experience a $600 meal at the second most expensive restaurant in America from the comfort of their own homes (almost). A foodie, this isn’t the first time this Imgur user has saved up money to experience a restaurant like this and she’s happy with her decision: “For those of you with the disparaging comments about this endeavour not being worth it, or that I shouldn’t be spending my money on stuff like this if I’m not financially well-to-do…” wrote Hoptail. “It’s my money, and this is what I like.” Considering we get to vicariously experience an incredibly exquisite meal at the second most expensive restaurant for free, we’re not complaining.

“I got sent to San Francisco for work and I always make a habit of visiting the best restaurants when I travel,” wrote Hoptail. “I’m not well-off by any means – I’m a college student. But I love good food and I save up. So please enjoy living vicariously through these photos of my dinner for 1 at Saison,” said the Imgur user. Hoptail took pictures of each course (because if you were spending $600 on a meal, wouldn’t you want to remember it?) and offers honest opinions on all of them. Hoptail has disputed comments that the pictures are for social media attention; she simply has a love and appreciation for food.

“Firstly, I don’t have Instagram, and secondly, if I’m going to spend that much on a meal, I want to be able to appreciate it later and share it with people who would find it interesting,” Hoptail explained. “Documenting your food is becoming more and more acceptable now, even in high-end restaurants.” With a meal like this, who could blame her for wanting to remember it all?

1. Imgur user Hoptail raved about this simple cup of tea that started off the meal. She found it so delightful she even requested they continue to fill her cup during all four hours that she was there. “This was, no joke, the most heavenly tea I’ve ever had in my life and could quite cheerfully drink this every day until I died. It was only supposed to accompany one course but I requested that it be replenished throughout the evening. All 4 hours of it. Each little bushel had douglas fir, yarrow, chamomile, lemon balm, anise and hyssop all picked fresh from the restaurant farm and steeped in hot Meyer lemon water,” wrote Hoptail.

Imgur | Hoptail

2. Up next, some greens. “Baby spinach, roasted kelp cooked in clarified butter (compliments of their jersey cow Bella) and topped with proprietary caviar – some specific type that you can only have there. Can’t tell you how buttery and melty this all was,” shared Hoptail. “Even though all the textures were super different, they came together so smoothly.”

Imgur | Hoptail

3. Next dish was turbot fish 2 ways. The user called the sashimi “amazing” and said they were blown away by the texture, claiming it was “the most tender, buttery squid you’ve ever had in your life.” Hoptail said she was in tears knowing she’d never have better raw fish for the rest of her life. On the second version of the turbot fish: “The second preparation was grilled with a light soy glaze. Came with little heirloom tomatoes and some sort of deep-fried flower. Was nice.”

Imgur | Hoptail

4. Next dish: Geoduck. The Imgur user didn’t find this “freaky” looking dish as appetizing, saying “Honestly, it wasn’t that good. Just kind of chewy and the marinade was super overwhelming I couldn’t actually taste the meat. This is actually 3 separate parts of the clam – the siphon (the freakish long, sticky-outty part of the clam), the abductor muscle and I think the inside bit.”

Imgur | Hoptail

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