What The Stars Of Our Favorite TV Shows Look Like In Real Life

In the imaginative world of television, it’s easy to find characters in shows that we find admirable. Whether it’s who they’re playing, or how they look, there’s something about certain characters that we as viewers and fans cannot help but be drawn to. Sometimes, we can see a little bit of ourselves resembled in these characters, reminding us that these individuals are in fact humans themselves. Though we may have an idea of who these people really are in the real world, you may end up surprised when you finally see for yourself.

The characters we see on television oftentimes contrast the individuals they are in real life. Whether it’s by appearance or their personality, it’s likely that the character they are portraying on television isn’t much like who they really are off-screen. You may, in fact, find that they don’t resemble the character they play on-screen at all, which is all a part of the art of acting and portraying a television character.

In this series of photos comparing on-screen television characters to their real-life selves, we get an idea of just how much their personas contrast. Here, we take a look at some of our favorite television characters and just how different they look when they’re away from all the lights, camera, and action.

1. Games Of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen (Played by Emilia Clarke)

The renowned star of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones plays Daenerys Targaryen, who is widely known for her striking white hair. Debuting at the age of 25, she played Daenerys who is roughly 17 years old in the first season of the show. The Mother of Dragons is an immensely popular character, who taught the actress to embrace feminism, and showed her what it’s like to be a strong woman that fights inequality. Aside from her major role in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke can be found in Terminator Genisys where she plays Sarah Connor, and in Me Before You, where she plays Lou Clark in the romantic film, both of which heavily contrast her television character, and furthermore her real-life look, where she has brown hair and an entirely different style.

2. Game Of Thrones: Varys (Played by Conleth Hill)

Originally cast for the part as King Robert Baratheon, the 53-year-old actor instead took on the role of Varys. Sporting a bald look in the hit television series, actor Conleth Hill has a full head of hair in real life. He wasn’t opposed to shaving his head for the show, although you’ll find that he looks much different off the air.


3. The Big Bang Theory: Leonard Hofstadter (Played by Johnny Galecki)

One of TV’s favorite astrophysicists and on-screen nerds heavily contrasts who he is in real life. Having slicked back hair, a clean shave, and specks, he plays a science and comic-loving geek on the show, whereas in reality his style is much different, and he rocks a beard. Galecki almost ended up playing Sheldon, but he decided to take on a role that would include some romance, involving co-star Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny.

4. The Big Bang Theory: Amy Farrah Fowler (Played by Mayim Bialik)

In one of the more striking transitions, Mayim Bialik plays a neurobiologist who is new to the world of romance. Though she’s a neuroscientist in real life and finds herself to be just as honest and upfront, her look is far different than the Amy we know on Big Bang Theory. For one, she doesn’t wear glasses, which you’ll find already makes a difference in her overall look, and unlike Amy, she dabbles with makeup when making public appearances.

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