Two Day Care Workers Were Arrested After A Mom Demanded Surveillance Video [video]

No parent wants to find out their child has been hurt, especially if it is by someone who was supposed to be caring for them. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened at a daycare in Chicago. Two day care workers, Lizandra Cosme and Susana Gonzalez were placed under arrest after it was discovered that they burned several toddlers with a hot glue gun. Cosme was charged with five counts of aggravated battery to a child, while Gonzalez was charged with five counts of causing the circumstance of endangering a child.

The two daycare workers, who were employed at the Children’s Learning Place in Chicago’s Logan Square, were caught on surveillance camera. Lizandra Cosme had brought a hot glue gun to the daycare for a Christmas project, but instead, she burned several toddlers with it. Susana Gonzalez watched and laughed as Cosme applied the glue to the arms and hands of three girls and two boys, all of them 2 years old. The two daycare workers had 16 children in their care that day.

During a bond hearing, prosecutors described the video of the daycare workers. “Each of the child victims winced and some whined at the hot glue gun application,” one lawyer said during the court appearance. While there was no motive provided, Lizandra Cosme did make the claim that she was in a state of grief after her sister’s death. Cosme’s husband and other sister were present for the court hearing, telling reports “she made a mistake,” and “she’s innocent.” Cosme was held without bail.

Lizandra Cosme’s attorney argued that while Cosme “screwed up,” she did not act out of malice. Lissa Druss, the spokesperson for the Children’s Learning Place, said after the incident “The well being of our students is paramount. Upon learning of the alleged incident, we notified [the Department of Children and Family Services] immediately and terminated two of our employees.” She continued, “We are currently working with investigators.” The daycare will remain open, and several parents said the incident would not change their minds about bringing their children there.

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