16 Kardashian Christmas Photos Through the Years

The Kardashians have long been a divisive celebrity family, raising a number of feelings among the general public. Regardless of how you feel about them, it’s hard to deny their showy nature and picturesque charisma, both of which are especially present in their yearly Christmas photos.

Every year, the Kardashians release another one of these Christmas themed images. It’s hard to tell if anyone still cares to see the Kardashian clan celebrating the yuletide season and flaunting their status. However, this is the season for giving, and this is what the Kardashians give to the world every Christmas.

Not only do these Kardashian Christmas cards show the family’s devotion to each other, or at least to taking these photos every year, but they also serve as a time capsule into the past of the family. More than anything, they allow all of us to see where they came from.

1. This photo from 2008 shows the family in their finest formal wear, with the ladies decked in red. Look at that, Kylie’s already climbing the social ladder.

2. This Christmas photo from 2015 is a pretty basic setup but shows off the next generation of Kardashian children: North, Penelope, Mason, and Reign Disick.

3. Kourtney posted this festive illustrated family photo on her Instagram in 2015 as well. This one even includes a tiny Saint West, complete with a halo.

4. This Christmas card from 2013 is hard on the eyes. The Kardashians may have wanted to capture the glamour of their lives, but it’s just too much.

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