Meet The Identical Twins Who Spent $20,000 On Cosmetic Surgery To Appear Just Like Brad Pitt

In the last couple decades, Brad Pitt has widely been regarded as one of the best-looking people in Hollywood. Establishing his name and fame from his looks and acting abilities, he has been respected and adored by both men and women globally. Being one of the biggest names of our time, it’s only natural that people look up to and even try to mimic the illustrious actor.

Though often imitated, he could never be duplicated, that is until two twins decided to make a collaborative, physically-altering decision. In today’s world, cosmetic surgery is both accepted and accessible, and available to even the average person. What once was a luxury that only the rich and established could afford, is now an option that many are considering and taking worldwide.

Identical twin brothers Matt and Mike Schlepp of Arizona took a step in the direction of a life-changing move that cost them a pretty penny. Spending $20,000 on cosmetic surgery, the brothers chose to endure several months of painful surgery that left them even struggling to eat, as they courageously leaped toward the replication of the admirable movie star.  

Shockingly, this isn’t the first time that people tried to emulate the appearance of their favorite stars. We’ve even seen Barbie and Ken dolls being replicated by actual human beings, which is a little more surprising. Upon this physical transition, what came next for these brothers was arguably advantageous.


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