Former Friend Accuses Melanie Martinez of Rape

Pop singer and former The Voice contestant Melanie Martinez was accused of sexual assault this week by her close friend and fellow female musician Timothy Heller. Heller tweeted a four-page story describing how and when the assault took place, and it has since been retweeted more than 100,000 times.

Melanie Martinez appeared in the third season of The Voice and seemed to have a friendship with Heller dating back to 2015, according to various social media posts. Heller claims in her post that Martinez “let [her] down completely” and that “her power and control over [her] grew and grew.”

Heller details what appears to be a very abusive relationship. She then fully describes the weekend that Martinez sexually assaulted her. Though Heller said ‘no’ several times to her advances and made excuses for working early and having a boyfriend, Martinez continued to touch her and ask her to have sex.

Heller began by describing her and Martinez’s friendship, in which Heller relied on Martinez for help, and was always made to feel guilty about it.

Heller then went into detail on the first night of the weekend, in which Martinez began pressuring her for sex, despite Heller’s constant, firm refusal.

On the second night of the weekend, Martinez continued to pressure Heller into sex. Despite Heller’s continued objections, Martinez began touching her in several places.

Martinez’s touching soon led to further unwanted sexual contact. Heller explains that despite the fact that she had said ‘No’ repeatedly, she was “broken down.”

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