Matt Lauer And His Problematic Past With Women On NBC

In what seems like a trending pattern in this calendar year, renowned NBC co-host Matt Lauer has been dismissed from the network for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” Joining a long line of men in power in the media this year, Lauer faces a reckoning for his behavior in the workplace.

Though details are still surfacing, because of his 20-year history on the Today Show, we still find clues in his tracks pertaining to the issues he’s had with women. In what’s been a rather revealing time in the media as far as investigations and allegations, it’s also been a dark time for women who’ve long faced mistreatment in the working world.

Since 1997, upon joining Katie Couric, Lauer has risen to power in the media, with an incredible influence and following at the network. His most recent contract extension is said to be in the ballpark of $20 million a year. But with great power should come great responsibility, although that has evidently not been the case in this particular situation.

Upon the news of Lauer’s firing, we look back at the instances in which he has mishandled his conversations and behavior towards women. These women hold a significant and respectable title and reputation of their own.

NBC Newswire

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