Hilarious Reactions To Melania Trump’s ‘Creepy’ White House Christmas Decorations


Halloween may be over for the rest of us but, at the White House, the season is just beginning. First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the White House Christmas decorations last week, and many on the internet thought they were more suited for a House of Horrors.

On November 27th, Mrs. Trump released a video of the family’s Christmas decorations, featuring ballerinas dancing through the halls and smiling schoolchildren making crafts. A day earlier, White House Director of Communications Stephanie Grisham had released a tweet with a photo of the decor.

The theme of the decor was “Time-Honored Traditions,” fitting for an administration that has upheld time-honored American traditions like protectionism, nuclear saber-rattling, and xenophobia. It was reportedly based on Kennedy’s 1961 “Nutcracker Suite” theme and included 53 Christmas trees and 71 wreaths.

But not everyone was sold on the Trump family’s vision of the most wonderful time of the year. Both the video and the photo got their fair share of criticism from the general public.


The most common reaction was that the decor looked like something from a horror movie, with many comparing it to Stranger Things, The Shining, and The Ring.


Others remarked on Melania Trump’s customary vivacity in front of the camera. Several tweets suggested that the decorations were an elaborate cry for help from the depths of her stilted soul.


And some attached more villainous motives to Mrs. Trump’s customary char-isn’t-ma.


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