Brutal Cold Weather Is Set To Take Over The Country

Oh, the weather outside is unusual. But meanwhile, it’s so delightful! Though we’ve welcomed the milder, more desirable weather with open arms, we can’t get too comfortable with this abnormal pattern, as meteorologists are predicting a dramatic drop in temperature on the horizon.

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A polar vortex is threatening to envelop chunks of the country, bringing back the typical weather we’ve grown accustomed to at this time of year. Though it seems like Mother Nature has had a difficult time making her mind up, the arctic blast is seemingly coming to interrupt her generosity.

It’s time to bundle up and put on all of our cozy layers, as the unforgiving weather is rudely making an appearance. It’s predicted that the weather will dip 15 to 20 degrees below average, and may stay like that for an extended period of time. AccuWeather’s lead long-range meteorologists projects “arctic air with an intense cold is most likely to first invade the northern Plains then progress eastward toward the middle of December.”  

The sudden dip in temperature will inevitably bring the snow. It’s encouraged to get all of your favorite shovels and paraphernalia out to ensure the unforgiving conditions are conquered.


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