Alex Jones Has A Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About The Texas Shooting And He’s Not The Only One

Controversial radio host Alex Jones is making headlines once again for sharing with his ‘Infowars’ audience an unfounded conspiracy theory about the Sutherland Springs Baptist church shooting in Texas.

During a recent taping of his show, Jones said he believed that the Sutherland Springs shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, was a “secret agent” connected to “Antifa,” a leftist protest movement with no clear, organized hierarchy.

In typical Jones fashion, Kelley was alleged to have been fed “hardcore drugs” and was “programmed” by nefarious government institutions to commit the atrocity.

Essentially, Jones seems to believe that Kelley was some sort of Manchurian candidate and was under mind control when he began to shoot up the church in early November.

Furthermore, Jones took to Twitter to suggest that authorities were looking into whether or not Kelley had an “anti-Christian” motive. Law enforcement agencies have not confirmed whether or not they are looking into Kelley having an “anti-Christian” motive.

Controversial and bizarre conspiracy theories are nothing new to Jones, who for years called the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting a false flag. One of his more bizarre conspiracy theories suggested that the government was putting chemicals in local water supplies in an attempt to emasculate men.  

When Jones was confronted about his opinions on Sandy Hook by Megyn Kelly during a recent interview, he backtracked from his previous statements claiming that he believed the events surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting took place and offered a much more nuanced position than the one he held prior.

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