New Samsung Advert Absolutely Destroys iPhone

Do you have an iPhone or a Samsung? How are you enjoying your iPhone or Samsung? Do you plan on switching your iPhone to a Samsung or vice versa? These are questions that people have on a regular basis. It happens more often than you think, and you’re only going to notice it more and more. With the iPhone X out, Samsung has to step it up. They have created a new advert that pokes a little fun at iPhone.

Entitled ‘Growing Up’, the advert follows an iPhone fan who is upgrading their handset over a ten year period. It starts out in 2007, with each year poking fun at different issues that iPhone fans have had. It shows how it glitches up in the rain, how you have to leave waterlogged handsets in rice and that time that they completely got rid of the headphone jack. Samsung covers it all.

The advert goes into a lot of detail on issues with the iPhone. It points out the lack of storage that the 16GB iPhone 4 has and then proceeds to focus on the screen size, pointing out the iPhone 5S 4-inch display and comparing it to the 5.5-inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. As the years progress, Samsung focuses on 2016, where Apple failed to add water resistance to their iPhone 6 models.

Then the ad compares iPhones to the Galaxy S7 Edge, which can handle being submerged without having to spend a night in a bed of dry rice. They really seem to touch a lot on the whole rice situation, something that Samsung users don’t even have to worry about according to the advert.

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