Police Find Two-Year-Old Boy And Mother Living In Abandoned House

Milwaukee police discovered a two-year-old boy and his mother living in an abandoned house with no electricity or food after the mother lost her job.

Police officer Daniel Resnick went into the house and discovered the pair after a neighbor called and said people were living in the home. When Resnick arrived on scene he noticed that the toddler was bundled under coats and blankets. Officer Vincenzo Paolo was also on the scene and noticed that the boy was bundled under so many layers that he could barely move.

Police reported that the only food inside the home was a bag of chips, which the child was struggling to eat underneath his layers. Paolo said, “Because of his jacket, his three coats, he couldn’t get his hand inside the bag of chips. It was so thick and I actually had to feed him chips.” The child was then taken to the squad car where Paolo bought him a chicken nugget meal with fries. He added that the child was so hungry that he wolfed the food down.

Paolo and Resnick said they often saw children in unfortunate situations similar to this but they were glad to make the boy feel better for as long as they could.

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