Gabriel Fernandez’s Teacher Says He Told Her: ‘Sometimes, My Mom Makes Me Bleed’

The first-grade teacher of Gabriel Fernandez, allegedly murdered by his stepfather in 2013, has testified at the murder trial. In her testimony, she alleged that the 8-year-old had told her that his mom made him bleed.

Gabriel died in 2013 of a skull fracture, with severe burns, shattered ribs, and BB pellets in his skin. He died two days after EMTs found him unresponsive in his home. He had been kidnapped from the home of his grandfather, who had custody of him, by mom Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre. Prosecutors suspect that the couple tortured the boy because they thought he was gay.

Jennifer Garcia, the boy’s first-grade teacher, took the stand on October 25th to give her evidence. Garcia said that it was obvious to school staff that Gabriel was being abused at home, as he was frequently absent and came in with bruises.

Garcia alleged that in late 2012 the boy had confided in her, “Sometimes, my mom makes me bleed.” When Garcia asked where, he allegedly said that she hit him with a belt on his bottom: “you know, that part with the metal on it.”

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