Prototype Of A Three-Story Tiny House Fits In The Footprint Of A Parking Space

In many cities, there is less and less housing available to keep up with the demand. Helsinki, located in Finland, is one of those cities. There are various reasons for the lack of housing, one being the lack of land to build new housing.

But one design firm believes that there is enough land. All you have to do is know where to look. This particular firm has created a building that is designed to fit in a single parking spot. That’s right. It’s pretty creative and…genius.

According to Fast Company, architect Marco Casagrande said: “The city is not designed because of humans, it’s designed because of cars.” Casagrande is the principal at the Helsinki-based Casagrande Laboratory that designed the new tiny house.

He continued, saying: “All the streets in cityscapes are based on car dimensions. This I found a little bit strange. We have all this talk about the density of cars getting less and less in cities, and at the same time, we are talking about people moving into cities…”

Marco added, “But we don’t have space to build. Nobody has been questioning car parking spaces. They are everywhere. So this talk about no land to build in cities is nonsense: It’s everywhere, but it’s just for cars.”

A prototype of the design has been built for Helsinki Design Week. They have called it Tikku, which means “stick” in Finnish.

The footprint is slightly larger than 8 feet by 16 feet, according to Fast Company. But it has 3 stories, leaving enough room to make it a pretty cozy place to live and work in.

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