The Strongest Storm On Earth Collided With Japan And This Was The Result

An enormous super-typhoon made landfall in Tokyo on October 22nd, as a category 2 hurricane, threatening to turn into a category 5 as it pressed on throughout its intensity. The storm center winds reached upwards of 75 mph, with gusts of up to 100 mph.

The storm hit the Tokyo International Airport first, pelting the tarmac with heavy winds and a downpour of rain. Many Tokyo officials feared that massive landslides and flooding would hit more mountainous regions of the Island. The storm has chances of fizzling out as it moves further through the island toward Eastern Russia.

One thing in particular about the storm which classifies it as a super-typhoon is its massive storm center eye. In some areas, it reached over 50 miles in diameter. For some perspective, that’s around 880 football fields in diameter. That’s an enormous amount of length for just the eye of the storm.

During the storm, Facebook users in Japan were using the “I’m safe” tool, a social media share function that lets loved ones and relatives know that you’re safe and well during the storm. The storm can deliver heavy storm surge flooding in city centers, clog drains, and even flood underground car tunnels.

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