How Cher Responded To News Kim Kardashian West Is Dressing Up As Her For Halloween

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Kim Kardashian is known for taking her Halloween outfits to the next level but this year the reality star has really outdone herself. From Princess Jasmine to Poison Ivy, Kim always manages to shock fans with her elaborate costumes and character commitment. (Side note: whatever happened to Natasha, the Russian spy Kim created in that very uncomfortable episode of KUWTK? Halloween inspo 2018?)

Halloween seems to be an annual Kardashian/Jenner competition of who can bust out the most buzzworthy costume. Kylie Jenner killed it last year when she recreated Xtina’s iconic ‘Dirrty’ look but it looks like Kim is taking the 2017 top prize after this spot-on version of musical legend Cher that garnered a response from the “Goddess of Pop” herself. Let’s review how the social media frenzy started…

Kim started off by teasing Twitter after she posted a nondescript, long black wig on a mannequin head with the caption “Here’s a hint…. #HallowKKWeen”

Really? If I didn’t know Kim was sporting ice blonde hair these days I’d think she was going as herself. Clearly, Kim’s not going to make it easy for us after this cryptic post.

Fast-forward 20 minutes later, Kim saves us all from the puzzle that is the wig-that-looks-exactly-like-the-old-Kim-K-hair by giving us a sneak peek of her costume and this caption: “Cher vibes tonight.” That was some short-lived suspense.

Kim then posts a throwback picture of the original American singing and acting duo, former husband and wife Sonny and Cher Bono at the 1973 Academy Awards.

Kim then posts the big reveal; a picture of herself with bestie Jonathan Cheban looking like spitting images of the 1973 Sonny and Cher. The two were clearly embracing the 1970s theme when they made an appearance at the Casamigo Annual Halloween Party.

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