Woman Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Boyfriend And Their Puppy In 8 Cute Comics

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If I could draw, you bet your butt I would be making hilarious comics about my life. Okay, maybe not with a boyfriend but still my life.

Though, having a boyfriend (and definitely having a dog) are bound to make things more interesting, which is exactly what this one comic artist figured out.

BFGFs comics is a line of comics from an artist named Pat. The strips focus on her life with her husband Ray, her friend (who’s also a comic artist), and her dog. Some of them revolve around her and her husband but ever since introducing their furry friend, Fifi, into the mix, their four-legged companion has made several appearances themselves.

The name for her line comes from “boyfriend-girlfriend syndrome.” For those unaware of the term, it loosely translates into someone who gets into a relationship and then disappears off the face of the earth.

Or, if they do agree to hang out, their partner usually tags along or your friend leaves early to go see their partner.

Pat, who also goes by Patabot, uploads a new comic strip every Thursday and has an online portfolio on Weebly. She also writes her comics with her hubby.

The comics range from how her dog responds to certain commands, turning her married life into that of a fairy tale, and getting into arguments with Ray over how cute the other is.

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