Woman Gives Birth In Japan, Shares What Food She Was Fed In The Hospital

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A woman who gave birth in Japan has men everywhere wishing they could get pregnant after posting pictures of her hospital food. 

Imgur user Hahahah1111111 began posting the pictures after realizing this wasn’t the typical steamed veggies and bowl of mush. The pictures have since gone viral. And for a really good reason, as you’re about to see. 

The following meals, which were given to the woman during the duration of her stay in the maternity ward, not only put hospitals, but also probably several restaurants, to shame.

Her first meal consisted of omuraisu (fried rice wrapped in an omelette and topped with ketchup), macaroni salad, chicken soup, squid rings, fruit, and green tea.

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In the black bowl, we have mushroom pasta next to some potato salad, a broccoli, and bacon salad because one salad isn’t enough, chicken soup, fruit, bread and green tea.

cap 2imgur/hahahah1111111

It’s hard to think these meals could get any better but they do. Crispy chicken fingers with shredded cabbage salad, bitter melon stir fry, agedashi tofu, carrot salad, rice and some miso soup make up meal #3.

cap 3imgur/hahahah1111111

Making people hungry everywhere, this meal had a helping of salmon, a side of tofu, a green bean salad, natto, miso soup, rice, and a carton of milk.

cap 4imgur/hahahah1111111

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