Vegas Shooting Survivor Is Suing Hotel, Festival Organizer, Bump Stock Maker

One of the hundreds injured in the Mandalay Bay shooting has stepped forward to sue the hotel, the organizers of the concert she was attending, the makers of the bump stocks the shooter used, and the shooter’s estate.


Paige Gasper, 21, was attending the Route 91 Harvest music festival when Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd. The Sonoma State student was shot under her right arm, and the bullet went through her ribs and liver before exiting on her left side. She was inadvertently trampled by members of the crowd looking to escape but was aided by several people who helped her hide and escape. She was put in a pickup truck and taken to the hospital, allowing her to survive her extensive injuries.

Now, she’s filing a $135K lawsuit against the parties she believes were negligent during the shooting. Gasper is suing MGM Resorts International and its subsidiary Mandalay Corp for their late response to the shooting of hotel security guard Jesus Campos, shot six minutes before the killings, and for failing to notice Paddock bringing almost 20 guns into his room.

In her suit, she also alleges that Live Nation Entertainment, the organizers of the Route 91 Festival, didn’t provide adequate emergency exits and failed to train staff for emergencies. Her suit against Slide Fire Solution, the makers of the bump stocks Paddock used to convert his weapons into automatics, alleges that their product “contributed to Paddock’s commission of the mass shooting.” Finally, Gasper is also suing Paddock’s estate, as the shooter “acted with malice and evil intent, causing her injuries.”

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