Teenage Couple Killed After Police Chase In Ontario

15-year-old Nathan Wehrle of Cambridge and 16-year-old Taryn Hewitt of London were pronounced dead at the scene after a head-on collision on October 5.

crash 2 Kate Bueckert/CBC

CTV reported that Waterloo Regional Police was contacted at 9:30 a.m. by someone reporting a possible assault and abduction of a female outside of a pizza parlor. Police soon discovered a car similar to the one described being driven by a male with a female passenger. Once on pursuit, they chased the couple for 20 minutes before the car crashed into a transport truck. The two were pronounced dead at the scene while the transport truck driver remained shaken but uninjured.

CBC contacted Wehrle’s friend, who chose to remain anonymous. The friend told them Wehrle “had previously been involved in car theft and joyriding.” He added that Wehrle had allegedly sent him a text message saying that he and his girlfriend “stole the car together.”

Wehrle’s sister, Chloe, admitted that her brother was involved with auto theft during his life but that he wasn’t involved in any other crimes, most notably ones involving kidnapping. “I just want everyone to know my brother would never do something like that,” she said. “Ever since he was a kid he would just spend all of his birthday money on his friends. There was nothing else that he would rather do than to just make somebody else happy.”

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