Beyonce and Jay-Z Chose This Kind Of Car Seat for Their Twins

Beyonce and Jay-Z, like any parents, feel that the safety of their children is of utmost priority. Given that money isn’t exactly an issue for the iconic couple, they certainly don’t mind splashing a few hundred to make sure that their kids are safe and comfortable. Jay-Z was recently spotted carrying one of the infants in a seat, so we now know what brand Bey and Jay trust for their 4-month-old twins.

Jay-Z was photographed in New York City exactly a week ago carrying one of his infants in a Nuna PIPA seat which retails for $299.95 on the Nuna website. The seat, which weighs a little more than 7 pounds, has a gear with a 5-point harness to ensure maximum comfort for the child. It also has a removable canopy to shield a baby’s sensitive eyes from the sun and rain.

The car seat is so well-liked that it boasts a “best” rating according to Consumer Reports. Not to mention, it has the safety measure of a load leg design to protect the child in the event of a crash.

The legendary couple has been scheduling in date nights into their busy lives while they are in NYC. On September 29th, they were seen dining at ABC Kitchen (where Beyonce took her left-overs to go). On the next night, they were present at the Saturday Night Live afterparty.

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