Man Sold An App To Snapchat For $54 Million And Now Makes Money Traveling The World

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Two years ago, Garrett Gee and his wife sold all of their belongings and put the $45,000 in proceeds towards traveling the world with their two young children.

Now obviously $45,000 isn’t enough for 4 people to go gallivanting across the globe for the remainder of their lives. They made the decision to leave their home in Utah in 2015, a year after Gee sold the mobile-scanning app he co-founded to Snapchat – a deal that yielded $54 million – giving Gee and the rest of his family the financial freedom to live the life that we all fantasize about.

What’s even more awe-inspiring is that 45 countries and 150 flights later, Gee and company have not actually used any of the proceeds from the sale. Instead, the family is making money traveling the world as “The Bucket List Family.”

The couple documents their adventures on their blog and social media accounts. Because of their large following, they also have deals with different brands to create sponsored content and partnerships.

In an interview with CNBC, Gee said, “It’s been two years […] we’re still going…”

He also adds, “Initially we were funding our travels from selling all of our belongings…”

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