DC Says It Is Stepping Away From Its Expanded Cinematic Universe


Since the success of Wonder Woman, it seems like Marvel and DC might be doing things a little bit differently in the future. Wonder Woman was largely successful not only because of the female lead aspect (Gal Gadot) and the female director (Patty Jenkins) but it was because the director had free reign on how to dictate the movie.

Just like with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, the directors of both Wonder Woman and Batman were given a movie (or a blank template) where they could just focus on one central character.

Both of these movies could ignore the DC universe and instead just focus on telling a great superhero story.

And it seems like this is the template that DC is going to use in the future.


According to a lengthy report over at Vulture, it has been reported that Warner Bros. and DC will no longer be focusing on the extended universe of DC. Instead, they will focus on stand-alone films.


For instance, Patty Jenkin’s blockbuster hit (Wonder Woman) was a standalone film that wasn’t interconnected with the rest of the DC universe.

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And it seems like there will be two separate categories for upcoming DC superhero movies. One will be a combination of all the superheroes inside one universe ala Batman v Superman and Justice League.


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